Whats on trend for December 2015

Trends are like very ambigious adhd boyfriends that just can't sit still.  They change every time we blink, but yet we love them so.  This seasons trends are not different.  Check out some of the hottest pieces that we would actually wear, according to yours truly.  Here we go!:

5. The over the knee boot.  Can we say HOTTT?  Some say women dress up for each other, but I beg to differ.  These boots are not designed for your bff.  These are designed with serious sex appeal and def a head turner for any beau.  You can dress these down to a chic casual look or dress them up for an evening night out.  They are affordable in stores such as www.zara.com, get them delivered right to your door step in time for that new years eve event.   Paired with a sparkly get up and a glass of champagne and the night is yours!





4. The highwaisted pant.  Yes, its been a couple of decades since these went this high up the torso down the cat walk, and they are finally back!  Admit it, haven't you been waiting for these puppies to arrive?  The way they accentuate you mid area is def worth all the stomach sucking we non models have to do.  Hey, no one said fashion was easy, but it is worth it!  You can pick up an easy denim pair at any H & M near you.

3. Plaid and stripes.  I dont know about you, but my favorite plaid and stripes reference is from Clueless, ya know, that totally mindless cult movie that to this day makes my heart jump for joy to watch curled up on my couch with a bowl of butter pecan ice-cream? Yes, that one.  My other favorite plaid and striped reference was on the fall 2015 cat walk, just because it looks so fabulous.  Plaid and striped have always been cool and classic, but when you combine them both the right way it becomes fabulously decadent in style and chic-ness.  Remember to keep colors in tone when pairing up unmatched prints, or you can do a contrast.  Either way it has to make sense, if it hurts the eyes, take off and try again.  I know you can do it....May the force be with you!

2.  Not your grandmas brocade.  Yes, I know what you are going to say.  Brocade?  It can be so heavy and look like your grandmas upholstery.  Well I have news for you.  It all boils down to the silhouette.  If the silhouette is chic, modern and sexy, no one will think of 'vintage'(not that vintage isn't fab). The nice thing about brocade is that it holds its shape, even if on a whimsy fabric, so if you are slightly conscience about your shape, the right silhouette of brocade will accentuate it and make you a room stunner.  Make sure you get the right color that goes with your skin tone and you are sure to get a date.  It has a higher percentage rate that the bend and snap! 

1.  Last but not least, my number one pick of the season?  Drum roll please.........Eyewear!  If you are on a budget, just get yourself a pair of these babies, make sure you wear them with confidence and you will surely make a statement.  This seasons glasses are designed for just that. You can always wear these with a complimentary lip, a simple chic outfit, and your classic designer bag and you are good to go!  This seasons shapes go from futuristic to overly classic, whatever tickles your pickle, have fun and wear them to that brunch, or that hike through the wood, just kidding, as if!  

So here you have it.  The five best pieces handpicked by me, to own for fall 2015 to keep you far from the basic end of the spectrum.  Not that you would ever be basic.  Now you have your bad ass boots, an amazing brocade piece maybe a coat? You have your statement eyewear, your highwaisted pants and a stripe/plaid pieces to play with.  You're all set!  You can send me pictures with 'success' outfits, or if you need tips reach out!  Have a great holiday and new years!